VIP (Tier 4)

49.99 USD 39.99 USD

Package Description

VIP (Tier 4) Package: 

$49.99 For ONE MONTH (30 days will start counting the day after your first payment. This package will renew in 30 days to allow you to keep your benefits and receive additional points and new kits for each month!)

The Benefits Are As Follows:

15,000 for EACH of Chaos Gaming servers (Currently at 11 maps = 165,000 Points Value!)

•    VIP rank and color in the Chaos Gaming Discord 

•    Access to VIP chat channel in the Chaos Gaming Discord

•    It increases how many points you earn. (500 points every 90 minutes)

•    Full set of Ark armor skins.

•    VIP (Tier 4) Starter Kits for Primal Fear Cluster (each kit can be claimed once per map for a total of 10 kits including all VIP 1, 2 & 3 Kits):

  1.  Starter Kit x10 (50% RNG Quality Metal Armor Set, 15x Dino Soul Traps, 1x Awesome SpyGlass, 1x, Dino Tracker Phone, & 1x GPS)
  2.  Starter Dino x10 (1x Level 100 Alpha Trike and 1x Alpha Trike Saddle)
  3. Tool Kit x20 (1x Metal Pick, 1x Metal Hatchet, & 1x Metal Sickle)
  4.  Fuel Kit x10 (100x Propellant, 100x Gasoline, & 25x Element)
  5. VIP Tier 4 Gear Kit x10 (1x 50% Quality RNG Primal Origin Set, 5x 50% Quality RNG Primal Gear Set, 5x 100% Quality RNG Primal Sniper, 200x Primal Sniper Ammo, 50x Primal Tranq Bullets, 1500x Element, 25x FMK Grow Up Paste, 25x FMK Gender Paste, 25x FMK Heal Paste and 25x FMK Famine Paste)
  6. VIP Tier 4 Garden Kit x10 (10x S+ Glass Foundations, 10x S+ Glass Ceiling, 30x S+ Glass Walls, 2x S+ Glass Double Door Frames, 2x S+ Glass Double Doors, 8x S+ Seamless Crop Plots, 4x S+ Metal Intakes, 4x S+ Metal Taps and 10x Fertilizer)
  7. VIP Tier 4 Hut Kit x10 (3x S+ Tek Trough, 3x S+ Tek Generator, 3x S+ Tek Bridge, 3x S+ Incinerator, 3x S+ Dye Station, 3x S+ Vivarium, 3x S+ Tek Stove, 3x S+ Repair Station, 3x S+ Tek Chem Bench, 3x S+ Tek Cooking Pot, 3x S+ Tek Sleeping Pod, 3x S+ Tek Fridge, 3x S+ Tek Forcefield, 3x S+ Industrial Forge, 3x S+ Dedicated Storage Intake, 30x S+ Dedicated Storage Boxes, 60x S+ Tek Foundations, 40 S+ Large Tek Walls, 60x S+ Tek Ceilings, 1x Tek Dino Gateway, & 1x S+ Tek Dino Gate Door, 1x S+ Tek Forge and 1x S+ Tek Cooking Pot)
  8. VIP Tier 4 Dino Kit x10 (1x Level 500 Fabled Grifficorn and 1x Fabled Grifficorn Saddle (100% RNG Quality), 1x Level 450 Fabled Therizino and 1x Fabled Therizino Saddle (100% RNG Quality))

•    VIP (Tier 3) Starter Kits for Primal Fear Cluster (each kit can be claimed once per map for a total of 10 kits):

  1. VIP Tier 3 Gear Kit x10 (5x Set 100% Quality RNG Primal Metal Armor, 4x Set 100% Quality RNG Tek Gear & Riot Gear, 4x 100% Quality RNG Tek Sword, 4x 100% Quality Tek & Riot Shield, 4x 100% Quality RNG Tek Rifle, 4x 100% Quality RNG Longneck Rifle, 200x Primal Sniper Ammo, 50x Apex Tranq Bullets, 40x Awesome Dino Trackers, 1250x Element)
  2. VIP Tier 3 Hut Kit x10 (2x S+ Tek Trough, 2x S+ Tek Generator, 2x S+ Tek Bridge, 2x S+ Incinerator, 2x S+ Dye Station, 2x S+ Vivarium, 1x S+ Tek Stove, 2x S+ Repair Station, 2x S+ Tek Chem Bench, 2x S+ Tek Cooking Pot, 2x S+ Tek Sleeping Pod, 2x S+ Tek Fridge, 2x S+ Tek Forcefield, 2x S+ Industrial Forge, 2x S+ Dedicated Storage Intake, 15x S+ Dedicated Storage Boxes, 9x S+ Tek Foundations, 23 S+ Tek Walls, 9x S+ Tek Ceilings, 1x S+ Tek Double Doorframe, & 1x S+ Tek Double Door)
  3. VIP Tier 3 Dino Kit x10 (1x Level 500 Apex Phoenix and 1x Apex Phoenix Saddle (100% RNG Quality), 1x Level 450 Apex Therizino and 1x ApexTherizino Saddle (100% RNG Quality))

•    VIP (Tier 2) Starter Kits for Primal Fear Cluster (each kit can be claimed once per map for a total of 10 kits):

  1. VIP Tier 2 Gear Kit x10 (5x Set 50% Quality RNG Primal Metal Armor, 3x Set 100% Quality RNG Riot Gear, 200x Cooked Meat Jerky, 3x Canteen, 3x GPS, 5x 25% Quality RNG Primal Sniper Rifle, 3x 100% Quality RNG Fabricated Pistol, 100x Primal Sniper Ammo, 1000x Advanced Bullets, 50x Toxic Tranq Bullets 3x 100% Quality RNG Pump Shotgun, 1000x Shotgun Shells, 3x Awesome Teleporter Remote, 3x Awesome Teleporter Pad, 30x Awesome Teleporter Dino Trackers, 100x Dino Soul Traps, 3x Dino Soul Gun, 3x Dino Soul Terminal)
  2. VIP Tier 2 Hut Kit x10 (2x S+ Crafting Station, 9x S+ Metal Foundations, 23 S+ Metal Walls, 9x S+ Metal Ceilings, 1x S+ Metal Double Doorframe, & 1x S+ Metal Double Door, 1x S+ Fabricator, 1x Primal Smithy, 1x S+ Smithy, 4x S+ Mortar and Pestle, 1x S+ Generator, 10x S+ Vertical Wires, 10x S+ Intersection Wires, 10x S+ Electrical Outlets and 200x Gasoline)
  3. VIP Tier 2 Dino Kit x10 (1x Level 400 Alpha Griffin, 1x Alpha Griffin Saddle (100% RNG Quality), 1x Level 200 Alpha Therizino and 1x Alpha Therizino Saddle (100% RNG Quality))

•    VIP (Tier 1) Starter Kits for Primal Fear Cluster (each kit can be claimed once per map for a total of 10 kits)

  1. VIP Tier 1 Gear Kit x10 (2x Set 25% Quality RNG Primal Metal Armor, 2x Set 50% Quality RNG Riot Gear, 100x Cooked Meat Jerky, 2x Canteen, 2x GPS, 2x 50% Quality RNG Fabricated Pistol, 2x 50% Quality RNG Longneck Rifle, 750 Advanced Bullets, 2x 50% Quality RNG Pump Shotgun, 750 Shotgun Shells, 25x Toxic Darts, 100x Simple Rifle Ammo, 2x Awesome Teleporter Remote, 2x Awesome Teleporter Pad, 10x Awesome Teleporter Dino Trackers, 75x Dino Soul Traps, 2x Dino Soul Gun, 2x Dino Soul Terminal, 1x S+ Crafting Station, 1x S+ Smithy, 1x S+ Mortar and Pestle and 1x Primal Smithy)
  2.  VIP Tier 1 Dino Kit x10 (1x Level 300 Alpha Griffin and 1x Alpha Griffin Saddle (50% RNG Quality) )
  3. Four (4) donated/VIP shop dino restores per month total.